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What's included?

You will learn all about birth, where to birth, how to birth, why we need Jesus to be the center for our birth, and just how to do that.

  • I will personally show you how to have an easy, peaceful birthing experience without any drugs or interventions.

  • This video format is very simple and concise, broken into 10-20 minute segments for easy retainability.

  • You'll also receive downloadable documents to support your learning!

  • One full year of access with purchase!

  • Discussion section in each lesson so you can interact with the instructor and other students.

  • Community group access so you can continue engaging with classmates and the instructor throughout your pregnancy journey.

When you pre-order!

You get the following added bonuses!

  • Pain-free, supernatural birthing

    PLUS, for a limited time, I’ll be including this valuable bonus course, Pain-free Birthing, all about how to have a supernatural, pain-free birth experience! You will absolutely want this priceless course!

  • Special gift

    As a special bonus for pre-ordering this course, you'll receive a custom hand-crafted prayer box with your birth picture on it and prayers inside!

  • Bonus Kingdom affirmation and scripture cards

    I'll also include printable scripture cards and Kingdom affirmations that can easily be used during pregnancy and birthing.



Mom of 2

"This course gave me a new understanding on birth and the peace that GOD gives. With GOD's help and the information provided during the course, I was able to have a birth that I hadn't experienced before and for that I am so grateful. The [Pain-Free, Supernatural Birthing] course was a true blessing to me. When I went into labor I was reminded that GOD intended for my child's birth to be pain free and fill me with joy because, as a believer, I am redeemed from the curse."


First-time mom

"It reminded me of who I'm really leaning on during labor and the rest of my pregnancy."

Course curriculum

  • 1

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    • A message from your instructor

    • Tell me more about you and what you hope to learn!

    • Next steps

  • 2

    Unit 1-Understanding Birth in the Kingdom

    • Christian Hypnobirthing

    • A special way to pray, what is a doula?

    • A little evidence related to Covid-19, birth and postpartum.

    • Where to birth your baby?

  • 3

    Unit 2-Options for Birth

    • Medical interventions, natural pain relievers, and Kingdom affirmations

    • Medical interventions

    • Other interventions

    • Non-drug methods for Birthing

    • Birthing positions and different techniques

  • 4

    Unit 3-Spiritual Preparation for Birth

    • Breakthrough before birth

    • God sees everything

    • Being set free

    • God answers prayers

    • Kingdom affirmations

    • We are all broken

    • Walking out of the Desert

  • 5

    Unit 4-Nutrition

    • Nutrition

    • Nutrients for breastfeeding

  • 6

    Unit 5-Breastfeeding

    • The golden hour

    • Breastfeeding vs. formula, delayed cord clamping

    • Breastfeeding 101

    • Breastfeeding 102

    • Is baby getting enough breast milk?

    • Most common breastfeeding problems and fixes

    • Final tips on breastfeeding and positions

  • 7

    Unit 6-Preparation for Baby’s Arrival

    • Proper diaper changing and safe, natural products for baby

    • PPD and tips to prepare for baby in the home

    • Peace and comfort scriptures, prophecy, and protecting your children

  • 8

    Pain-free Birthing

    • Pain-free Birthing concept

    • Supernatural Childbirth vs. Natural Childbirth

    • Pain-free Birthing with Supernatural Birthing method

    • Supernatural Birthing-When Baby Is Ready

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