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Mother of 2

"[Birthing the Kingdom Way] gave me a new understanding on birth and the peace that GOD gives. With GOD's help and the information provided during the course, I was able to have a birth that I hadn't experienced before and for that I am so grateful. The [Pain-Free, Supernatural Birthing] course was a true blessing to me. When I went into labor I was reminded that GOD intended for my child's birth to be pain free and fill me with joy because, as a believer, I am redeemed from the curse."


First-time mom

"[Birthing the Kingdom Way] reminded me of who I'm really leaning on during labor and the rest of my pregnancy."

Course curriculum

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    Introduction to the course

    • Welcome to the free version of Birthing the Kingdom Way!

    • Tell us a little about you and what you hope to learn!

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    Introduction to the Kingdom Way of Birthing

    • Where to birth your baby?

    • A special way to pray, and what is a doula?

    • Testimonials

    • What did you think about this course?